About the Thinking for a Change curriculum:

Thinking for a Change is a cognitive–behavioral curriculum developed by the National Institute of Corrections that concentrates on changing the risky thinking of adult and juvenile offenders. T4C is a cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) program that includes cognitive restructuring, social skills development, and the development of problem-solving skills.


Designed for delivery to small groups in 25 lessons, the T4C program can be expanded indefinitely to meet the needs of specific participant groups. Members of prisons, jails, community corrections, probation, and parole supervision settings all use the T4C program to address a wide range of risky behaviors.

If your agency is interested in implementing the Thinking for a Change curriculum or developing and executing a plan to train your own trainers then contact me today.

Why choose George for your T4C Training?
  • The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) has transitioned to a blended format with 6 weeks of vitrual training (WebEx) and 3 days of live class with a trainer, and no longer offers the 4-day live classroom training. Most agencies prefer completing the training in 4 days with a live trainer.

  • Wait times for NIC training events may be too long for agencies in need of timely training.

  • I have served as an NIC Technical Resource Provider accruing 17 years of experience with the program and I am committed to following the NIC training protocol.

  • Lower training cost respecting the budgetary challenges facing most agencies.

  • I still facilitate the T4C program with an at-risk population.

  • I began my criminal justice career 22 years ago on the night shift of a juvenile prison which gives me credibility with your staff. 



Dr. Gretchen Kerr, Exec. Director Distributed Service

George Schmalstig is an exceptional facilitator for both "Motivational Interviewing" and "Thinking For A Change".  He engages the class and solicits participation in a way that leads to meaningful understanding of the material presented. He makes the classes entertaining and thought provoking. His passion for sharing this material speaks volumes of his desire for others to utilize it well in helping others. 


Ivan White, Program Coordinator PRC Ocala

I found George's teaching style motional, inspiring, and educational. He was able to take extremely rigorous material and turn it into palatable information sure to be utilized by any agency.


James Truscott Ed.D.,  Licensed Psychologist

George trained staff members at our facility in T4C.  The training covered extensive amounts of information.  George was personable, organized, informative and effective.  George was able to quickly connect with staff and made the entire experience enjoyable.  I highly recommend George as a trainer.  Thanks George!

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